You Can Find Me, in St. Louie…

Okay, well actually you can’t find me there anymore, but since I lived here a year and a half I figured I would devote a post to all things St. Louis! There are many travel assignments in the STL area.


To begin, and probably the most important, FOOD! St. Louis has some of the best restaurants. My friends and I have a bucket list and it was our goal to eat at all of the places on it, and although I fell short due to moving, I’m sure they’ll keep up the good work (cough cough, Lauren and Tessa that’s you).  So here are a couple of my favorites!

If you ask most people one of their favorite places is Mission Taco. Let me tell you, these street tacos are AMAZING. They are relatively small, I generally order 2 and am set. From their queso, to the guac, to the margaritas (warning they make them strong) you can never go wrong with a little Mission. One of my favorite drinks there is called “Pandora’s lunchbox” if you like pineapple deliciousness.


BBQ- okay STL has a lot of barbeque places but are most famously known for Pappy’s. Get there early because they generally run out of meat some time during the day and also the line gets long real quick. If you want something a little more low key but still amazing, highly recommend Salt and Smoke in the Delmar Loop. I cannot emphasize this next part enough- GET THE MAC ‘n’ CHEESE for your side.


Things to do/see

Most famously known for the Gateway Arch. Newly remodeled grounds around the arch have made it such a beautiful landmark to see. You can go up to the top of the arch for a fee, otherwise hang out on the grass or walk down by the river.

Near the arch, also downtown, is Busch Stadium. Go cards! I highly recommend seeing a Cardinals game if you are in town during the season. Head up on top to the Budweiser Terrace for some tailgating games and views of the city. If you are hungry, or not, make sure to try the Nachos. Served up in a home plate shaped box, this cheesy goodness is topped with BBQ pulled pork or ground beef and are a straight 10/10.


Go on the Anheuser Busch brewery tour and see the Clydesdales up close! Along with beer samples, the AB brewery itself is a site to see. In the winter around Christmas time it gets decked out in beautiful lights and guests over 21 get 5 tickets for free samples. You can get quite the buzz on this outing.

I had the luxury of living five minutes from Forest Park. I like to think of this as the “Central Park” of St. Louis. Stretching for a few miles, the park is made up of the Zoo, which is free, a golf course, walking/running/biking trails and a few museums. My favorite spot is “art hill” where there is a large fountain. It is a beautiful spot to sit and watch the sunset.

Near Forest Park is the Central West End or CWE for short. The CWE is kinda hipster but with that there are lots of really good brunch spots and other restaurants and coffee shops. In the CWE is the best little ice cream shop called Jeni’s. Get the waffle cone and try the non-traditional flavors of ice cream. There is also the typical chocolate and vanilla, but I highly recommend the Brambleberry Crisp.


Have you ever wanted to visit an adult size playground? well look no further because the City Museum will accomplish that dream for you! Tons of things to climb, slide down, an even play in a massive ball pit! Cue the memories and nostalgia.


Mardi Gras

Okay, we all know Mardi Gras is huge in New Orleans, well believe it or not STL has the second largest Mardi Gras festival. Despite the freezing temps it is always an unforgetable (if you remember it lol) weekend. Thousands on thousands of people come to town to celebrate in Soulard, the french quarters of STL. The first year my friends and I joined in on the street celebrations and parade, but this last year we bought tent tickets. Definitely worth the $80 for heat, bathrooms and unlimited alcohol along with Borgore Dj’ing.

Obviously there are plenty of things I am missing, how can one person fit an entire city into a post? If you have any questions or want extra recommendations if you find yourself in The Lou, feel free to comment or ask!

Gotta give a s/o to the people who made my time in STL the best, miss you all! ♡


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