First week


Just wanted to give a little insight into what the first week in the life of a travel nurse is like!

*** every place is different but here’s just a look into what my first week consisted of!

Monday (4 hours)

-show up around 8am to get checked in.

-met with the NICU educator for information and one more medication exam.

-met with unit manager to schedule for the next month


Wednesday (8 hours)

-EPIC training

-skills training/testing

Thursday- day off, went hiking with my new pal Daniela to potato chip rock- make friends with your other travelers!!

The rest of your week will be orientation ⬇️

The first two NICU shifts were supposed to be orientation shifts but due to staffing ratios I flew solo night #2. My preceptor was very sweet and gave me full reign while watching over and would chime in for any hospital based protocols I needed to know related to care.

We also got an orientation shift in the CVICU because at this particular hospital we float there a lot. (Which knowing me, I am ALL FOR! Love my cardiac kiddos)

Make friends with the other travelers in your orientation group! I promise you won’t regret it ❤️

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