to celebrate one month in San Diego & one month of friendship as travel nurses a few girls and I headed on up to Temecula! Temecula is wine country down here in Southern California and I highly recommend taking a trip some time!

*Most tasting were anywhere from $15-20*

We stayed at South Coast Winery but couldn’t check in till 4, so we started off the winery hopping!

First stop- Thornton Winery

Known for their champagne, what better way to kick off a girls trip than a champagne flight?? Not to mention it was 90° or more so this bubbly was quite refreshing.

Each flight included 4 tastes, but the Rosé was by far my favorite.

Stop two- Wilson Creek Winery

For all your frolicking in Vineyard needs, I highly recommend. Especially after the six tastes you get!

I stuck to mostly bubblies once again, I’m basic what can I say. Wilson Creek is most famous for their Almond Champagne. I was not a huge fan but I know a lot of people thoroughly enjoy it.

Wilson creek was probably my favorite out of the wineries we visited. It was cute, had a relaxed vibe, live music, and gave you a good amount for the price, cant beat that!

Third and final stop- Ponte Winery

This was actually a recommendation from multiple of our uber drivers, so we obviously had to give it a go.

Ponte gives you four tastes. I stuck with the rosé or the whites! Ponte is more known for their red wines so if you’re a fan of those this is your place!

I am the youngest in our group (I’m 24) and the joke was that I have yet to mature my palate enough to appreciate red wines. Ugh, yuck! Maybe one day…

And the highlight of the entire trip…


Being scared of heights I never expected I’d ever be getting into a hot air balloon but you know diving into this travel nurse life I’ve learned to say yes to new and exciting experiences and wow, I am so glad I did!

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves but there was something so surreal about floating high above the Temecula valley and soaking in the past month I’ve had on this new adventure in life with new and amazing friends. I can say I made the right decision to become a travel nurse.

Don’t worry we made it down safely!

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