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Hey there!

So a little about me, I grew up in Washington state till I was fifteen and then moved to Wisconsin. I attended the University of Wisconsin Madison, where I went to nursing school. After graduating I took a job in St.Louis, MO in a level IV Neonatal ICU. I knew absolutely no one in STL when I moved, but was not going to pass up the opportunity to work in the NICU straight out of college. My dream job. This adventure peaked my interest in travel nursing and after working there a year and a half it was time to embark on my next opportunity. So here I am, 24 years old, giving up my structured and comfortable lifestyle for living out of maybe two suitcases and my Jeep for three months at a time in new and unfamiliar places.

Plans for the future? Travel nurse till something decides to tie me down, and eventually become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner specializing in cardiology, but that’s still a few years away!

Follow along my journey if you’d like as I navigate the gypsy nurse life!

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