1 in 110

What does being 1 in 110 mean? It means I am part of the statistic of the number of babies born with a congenital heart defect (CHD). February is CHD awareness month. There is so much attention put onto things like cancer, and not to downplay it in any regards, but we should also raise... Continue Reading →

First week

  Just wanted to give a little insight into what the first week in the life of a travel nurse is like! *** every place is different but here's just a look into what my first week consisted of! Monday (4 hours) -show up around 8am to get checked in. -met with the NICU educator... Continue Reading →

Taking The Leap of Faith

After posting on Instagram that I accepted my first position as a travel nurse I got a lot of questions... "What is a travel nurse?" "How do you become one?" "Do you have to find your own housing?" "Do you get paid more?" Etc etc... Therefore, I figured I would just create a post and... Continue Reading →

Nursing Is Truly A Work Of Heart

Thanks for joining me! I just wanted to give a little insight to the title of my blog! To begin with, any nurse will tell you that you put your heart and soul into what you do for your patients, at least you should 🙂 Nursing is a very selfless act that takes a certain... Continue Reading →

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